Finish : Satin Black
Available in Sizes
20″ x 8.5″ | 22” x 9.0”
Bolt Patterns
5×112 | 5×114.3 | 5×120
Additional Finishes
Gloss Black w/ Machine Face-Undercut-Red Clear Coat
Satin Black
Gloss Black w/ Machine Face
Red w/ Machined Face
Black w/ Red Machined Face

impact in action

605 Wheel’s PART# / SPEC
605BMFR-28511+3520" x 8.5"5x1123573.1180030.9Gloss Black w/ Machine Face-Undercut-Red Clear Coat
605BMFR-28512+3520" x 8.5"5x114.33573.1180030.9Gloss Black w/ Machine Face-Undercut-Red Clear Coat
605BMFR-28513+3520" x 8.5"5x1203573.1180030.9Gloss Black w/ Machine Face-Undercut-Red Clear Coat
605BMRF-28511+3520" x 8.5"5x1123573.1180030.9Gloss Black with Red Machine Face
605BMRF-28512+3520" x 8.5"5x114.33573.1180030.9Gloss Black with Red Machine Face
605BMRF-28513+3520" x 8.5"5x1203573.1180030.9Gloss Black with Red Machine Face
605BMF-28511+3520" x 8.5"5x1123573.1180030.9Gloss black with Machined face
605BMF-28512+3520" x 8.5"5x114.33573.1180030.9Gloss black with Machined face
605BMF-28513+3520" x 8.5"5x1203573.1180030.9Gloss black with Machined face
605S-28511+3520" x 8.5"5x1123573.1180030.9Silver
605S-28512+3520" x 8.5"5x114.33573.1180030.9Silver
605S-28513+3520" x 8.5"5x1203573.1180030.9Silver
605GB-28511+3520" x 8.5"5x1123573.1180030.9Gloss Black
605GB-28512+3520" x 8.5"5x114.33573.1180030.9Gloss Black
605GB-28513+3520" x 8.5"5x1203573.1180030.9Gloss Black
605SB-28511+3520" x 8.5"5x1123573.1180030.9Satin Black
605SB-28512+3520" x 8.5"5x114.33573.1180030.9Satin Black
605SB-28513+3520" x 8.5"5x1203573.1180030.9Satin Black
605RMF-28511+3520" x 8.5"5x1123573.1180030.9Red w/ Machine Face
605RMF-28512+3520" x 8.5"5x114.33573.1180030.9Red w/ Machine Face
605RMF-28513+3520" x 8.5"5x1203573.1180030.9Red w/ Machine Face
605BMFR-229011+3822" x 9.0"5x1123873.11800Gloss Black w/ Machine Face-Undercut-Red Clear Coat
605BMFR-229012+3822" x 9.0"5x114.33873.11800Gloss Black w/ Machine Face-Undercut-Red Clear Coat
605BMFR-229013+3822" x 9.0"5x1203873.11800Gloss Black w/ Machine Face-Undercut-Red Clear Coat
605BMRF-229011+3822" x 9.0"5x1123873.11800Gloss Black with Red Machine Face
605BMRF-229012+3822" x 9.0"5x114.33873.11800Gloss Black with Red Machine Face
605BMRF-229013+3822" x 9.0"5x1203873.11800Gloss Black with Red Machine Face
605BMF-229011+3822" x 9.0"5x1123873.11800Gloss black with Machined face
605BMF-229012+3822" x 9.0"5x114.33873.11800Gloss black with Machined face
605BMF-229013+3822" x 9.0"5x1203873.11800Gloss black with Machined face
605S-229011+3822" x 9.0"5x1123873.11800Silver
605S-229012+3822" x 9.0"5x114.33873.11800Silver
605S-229013+3822" x 9.0"5x1203873.11800Silver
605GB-229011+3822" x 9.0"5x1123873.11800Gloss Black
605GB-229012+3822" x 9.0"5x114.33873.11800Gloss Black
605GB-229013+3822" x 9.0"5x1203873.11800Gloss Black
605SB-229011+3822" x 9.0"5x1123873.11800Satin Black
605SB-229012+3822" x 9.0"5x114.33873.11800Satin Black
605SB-229013+3822" x 9.0"5x1203873.11800Satin Black
605RMF-229011+3822" x 9.0"5x1123873.11800Red w/ Machine Face
605RMF-229012+3822" x 9.0"5x114.33873.11800Red w/ Machine Face
605RMF-229013+3822" x 9.0"5x1203873.11800Red w/ Machine Face
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